Celeste doesn't have a basement.

Go straight, and you will find the station.

I searched for the meaning of this word in the dictionary.


Lester would never just let me win.

We raised quite a bit of money.

I love that song.

Keith isn't very good at explaining things.

He must be from the South.

Do you like hiking?

The agreement was announced Monday.


Cathrin was ever so careful to be on his best behaviour when he met his future mother-in-law.

He is behind the times.

Will you stop teasing me?

We do this kind of thing all the time.

Could you keep an eye out for the postman?

I thought I would have children.

I'm not racist, but I just don't like you people.

I can take her home.

Was it fun?

I wasn't sure I could trust you.

They gave us a warm greeting.


I have other plans for them.


I'm not sure what she meant by that.

I do think I understand.

I can see a difference.

Charlene is in need of our help.

Lynn squatted down.

I was not really your friend. I was just pretending.

He came here by way of Boston.


Yvonne wanted to say more, but he couldn't.

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Owing to the snow, the train was delayed.

I saw Phil a few minutes ago and he looked tired.

The party started for New York.

She didn't telephone after all.

I'll do as I please.

My gas bill for last month was very high.

What's so important?

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I wasn't feeling very well.

Niels looks bewildered.

It was extraordinary that he did not agree.


Matthias noticed a half-eaten hamburger on the dashboard of Sonny's car.


We should talk about it.

Come on! Give me a chance.

You cannot pluck love out of your heart as you would pull a tooth.


I led him by the hand.

He doesn't understand that his actions are inimical to his own interests.

There's not a whole lot happening right now.

I live in this place.

We slept by turns.

He shares a room with his brother.

What Terrance told Stephen wasn't true.

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He plays golf two or three times a month.

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Hughes left without waiting for a reply.

He's my father.

We were mediocre.

Why did you poison us?

I was hoping you learned something.


Do you remember borrowing his book?

The school is on a hill.

How did you get so good at backgammon?

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I've got to get back to the office.


I was exhausted when we arrived at the ski slope and the snow became rain.

He enjoys good health.

He was silent for a long time.


He drank the last drop of water.


This scenery carries me back to my old native town.


Gary's unflappable, even under great pressure.


I'm trying to figure out why the engine won't start.

She fell hard for him.

As it turned out, Pedro was willing to help us.

The money should be distributed to those in need.

Jisheng was tortured by the police.

Democracy is not exportable like food or cement.

I'm dining out this evening.

I love broccoli.

I suppose I could do a lot worse.

We have to do this again tomorrow.

A love triangle has at least two blunt angles.


He had his hair cut.

Andrew tried hard to live up to his parents' expectations.

What you're doing now is unnecessary.

What does the plan call for?

We all took it for granted that the professor could speak English.

This box was made by Tony.

I would appreciate any help.


Words are windows, or they are walls.

I want to be a teacher.

Though repeated, it is still a great story!

I told her that she was right.

Even if I try, it's no use, anyway.

The stock market was surprisingly quiet today.

Where's the phone?


She prepares wholesome meals for her family.

Before Arnold got married, she was a dancer.

He went mad on tennis.

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I seldom speak to him.

My TV has broken down.

He wore a mask so that no one could recognize him.

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Mr Green is a teacher of history.

Without an enemy, courage dies down.

He likes the music.


I need to take notes.

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Men are children their whole life.

We're having a party tomorrow night.

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.


He went there by himself.

I thought Kathryn had something to tell us.

Matthias kicked the door in.


He got rich quickly.

I can't speak English at all.

Just give me a second.

Is there a photo shop in the hotel?

Monday through Friday are work-days in this company.


"However", stressed Vladimir Putin, "today is another situation".


I know who stole your diary.

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I don't have to pay rent.


Lui might not really be as busy as he says he is.


Kelvin didn't live in Boston last year.

We'd better warn the others.

Many weeds were growing among the flowers.


I am tired from a long walk.

We living are all dead who haven't assumed their office yet.

There were no more apples in the box.

If you became a designer, you could make better use of your talents.

Common sense is not so common.

Alf believes in the existence of ghosts.

Would you like to ask anyone else a question?

Should I take this?

While she is far from beautiful, she is more lovable than words can express.

It was said that a great poet had resided here.

The bazaar ended a great success.


Why did you tell them?

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That's a mindfuck.

Can I dial directly?

The death of a talented man saddens me, as the world needs them more than heaven does.


He is a hard man to get at.

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Skef promised me he would come early.

Her dog started barking like crazy.

I can try to talk to Rajendra about that.

Do you have a mobile phone?

All the guys teased me about it.

Your face is pasted.

All of my friends like computer games.

The police eventually found Piete in Boston.

You are as stubborn as a mule! For once, accept that she is right.


I like you just the way you are.

Ginny is waiting for Deborah out front.

I add examples to Tatoeba in many languages.

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Can I stay with you? I was kicked out of my house because I didn't pay the rent.


I thought I'd ask her for help.

Ricky and I have an understanding.

I don't think you know what you want.

How delicious this fruit is!

I have a stomachache, doctor.


I hope I'm not bothering anybody.


Here we are again.