We make user experience software for mobile operators, monitoring service performance for all subscribers. Our AI-powered platform gathers and analyzes network data in real-time and is used to improve customer experience (in home network and abroad) while making work for the operator more efficient. 

Mobile operator target groups:

Customer care

Our platform lets you search for a specific subscriber to see current and past service performance. The dashboard highlights potential issues, and correlates user problems connected to network issues so you can tell what the problem is and how it can be resolved, while the subscriber is still on the line with you.


Increased Trouble ticket efficiency


System searches reduced to 1


Average reduced time per case

Telenor Sweden improving customer care efficiency with CICS SubSearch.


By keeping track of Service Level Agreements in real-time and define specific SLA zones for the different enterprise customers, the actual service performance of an enterprise (excluding other traffic) can be reviewed to assure SLA:s are met. Predictive analytics is used to see how users are likely to be affected by certain network changes in order to best serve these users while not involving users not likely to be affected.


Enterprise customer relation

90 times

Faster enterprise generation time


Reduced maintenance mail notification sent


With real-time monitoring of the entire network, you can see service performance in an aggregated view or zoom down to exact locations and see specific events. Using machine-learning, the platform will learn the behavior of the network and pick up any deviations in service performance and analyze how network changes will impact what users.

Telenor Sweden using CICS NocMap during successful HLR migration.


Service performance for all inbound and outbound roaming traffic is monitored in order to capture issues proactively before subscribers start calling in with complaints. You can also see how many roaming users are silent (not using data) which is of use when pushing targeted roaming offers or when negotiating roaming agreements with other operators.


Roaming user experience


Reduced roamer complaint calls


Reduced roaming case investigation time

Telia Norway handling new roaming behavior with CICS Roamers.