Red Rock Cod

We supply all your critical infrastructure needs in the cloud so you can get on with your business.

Our goal is to get your business operational and scalable at the lowest price possible.

A modern business needs powerful tools – customer service, help desks, files sharing, asset tracking, project management and many more.

Don’t be fooled – these hugely powerful tools can be at your fingertips right now courtesy of the world wide open source community.  Over the last ten years they have matured into an incredible and reliable resource.

Red Rock Cod has curated the best the open source community has to offer, and packaged them into an inter-operating bundle of co-operating services so that your business is efficient from day one.

We have no per user fees!  Ever.  Scale your business to your heart’s content.  Open up your systems for maximum use.

We have no contract lock-in!  Ever.  Leave any time you like and take your data and your fully operational service with you.

We can have you operational in 10 days.  And if you need help, you can buy it by the hour.

USD$100 pm

per service


onboarding fee

No user charges

1 TByte pm

per service

network bandwidth

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Features of all our services

All Red Rock Cod services are designed for speed, scalability, security, privacy and usability.

Uptime Guarantee

Our services are located on major international peering points on the Internet in the USA, Germany and Singapore.  We provide an absolute minimum SLA uptime of 99% and aim to consistently exceed that.

Secure, Reliable Backups

Each service exists inside its own virtual machine, and daily snapshots and backups are conducted at routine times.  Backups can be deployed to your offsite or cloud storage solution.  Rest assured that at any time Red Rock Cod can recover to a prior image within an hour of being notified and you will never be in a position of losing your data.

High Security

The security of the systems are paramount to us, as we are sure they are to you.  In this age of constant attacks (from competitors, customers or criminals) all Red Rock Cod systems have the latest in security measures.

Every machine is locked down with strict firewalls, and remote access is restricted to SSH with cryptographic keys.  Fail2Ban and other services are deployed to minimize attacks and restrict DoS attacks.  Every machine is monitored with real time alerts, and we have staff available 24/7 365 days of the year to respond to any events.

We also constantly monitor for security upgrades and patches, and carefully apply these after considering and testing compatability issues.

Support and Service Calls

Apart from our constant monitoring and nurturing of all our services, we also provide for on-demand support.

This is on the basis of pay-as-you-eat where we charge you in 15 minute increments for service calls that are related to the functionality and configuration of the services that you have subscribed to.   Calls that relate to the operation of the service infrastructure that relate to operating faults are free of charge.

Complete Set of Infrastructure Services

Everything your business needs to grow efficiently

Red Rock Cod has curated a complete set of infrastructure – every aspect to make your staff efficient and effective in their jobs, and smooth the interaction between your company and your suppliers, customers and partners.  Choose as many or as few as you want , and add or delete services at will.  It is your business!


Customer relationship management system to track all your interactions with customers and prospective customers.

Help Desk

Every business needs a powerful help desk to track and respond to customer issues, and to monitor customer satisfaction.

Project Management

Successful outcomes require careful planning, especially during high growth phases.  A comprehensive project management suite makes this happen smoothly.


All business need to communicate securely, with email, voice calls, video meetings and chat (and do this away from the prying eyes of the advertising moguls).

File Sharing

Every business needs a cloud storage filing solution, and one that is secure and easily integrated into all other services so items can be shared and version controlled.


If your business is serious about quality or about consistent outcomes, then you need a workflow business process engine so you can constantly refine your processes.


Every business needs a fully fledged accounting system, and having it on-line with unlimited users unleashes the power of these systems to all staff.

Asset Management

Businesses can have a rapidly growing set of assets (including inventory) and keeping track of (and maintaining) these assets is an important part of the business.  Doing it for digital and physical assets is a must have for modern businesses.

Web Presence

Your brand and your customer facing engagement is critical to your business.  Every business needs a high performance secure website that represents its brand to the world and is a jump off point for other services.

Single Sign On

If you want customers and staff to use your services securely, then you must have a single sign on where security, roles and privileges are managed and maintained

Don’t Get Trapped Into Expensive Software Contracts That Limit Your Growth

If You Scale to 20 Users - Red Rock Cod Can Save You $100k pa

Most software packages use a bait-and-switch where they lockyou in with low initial pricing and then as your business scales, more and more of your precious cash goes out the door in software fees – or worse still, you start to limit your users access to the critical tools that make them and your company more efficient and effective.  At 20 users, assuming you select our Platinum Package and use all the services, we save you around $100k pa compared to using the leading providers.

If You Scale to 100 Users - Red Rock Cod Can Save You $400k pa

As your company grows, if you are locked into suppliers who charge you a fee per user, the costs can reach staggering proportions.  At 100 users you can save up to $400k per annum by using Red Rock Cod services – and it keeps growing and growing from there.

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Easy Setup

Getting going is extremely simple.  Order your component services in our store, and send us the following details.  We will rapidly onboard your services, updating you each day as it progresses.  At the end of the onboarding process we will hand over your services to you, providing you with access to our tutorials and stepping you through the first few procedures.

Logo and art work

You will need to send us high quality images of your company logo and your products or services, together with any branding information such as colours, fonts and typefaces.

Users and Roles

As part of the onboarding process, Red Rock Cod establishes the first three users on each system and assigns them roles.  We need the users names and authorities from you and you will be sent a form to fill in as part of the process.  After that you are free to set up and manage users, passwords and roles yourself.

Preferred Locations

We also need to know which country your primary business will be located in, so we can decide on the optimal peering points for our hosting services.

DNS and Name Service

In order to direct users to the correct location, Red Rock Cod will need access to your DNS Management Console for your domain names so that we can ensure users gets directed to the correct service. This is done in consultation with you.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Red Rock Cod provided a suite of services including Branding, File Sharing, Project Management and Help Desk for our startup.  The services have proven invaluable in helping us be an effective team and we can rest easy knowing our costs won’t balloon as we grow rapidly in the market. Zapme

Operations, Zapme Pty Ltd

Referrals -Get a Free Month

When you sign up with us we give you a one off  referral code that you can pass on.  For each service that signs with a referral code, you get a one month credit for free!