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Fitness Plans

Workout regimens that are tailored to you on a weekly basis. You never become overwhelmed or bored.

Meal Plans

From the student athlete to the individual with dietary restrictions, we have nutrition plans to help you reach your fitness goals.

Instructional Videos

Exercises are presented to you in steps. Intensity increases depending on your comfort level.

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Venchie Franco is the CEO and founder of Falcon Blue Fitness. After years of training soldiers in the military and civilian sector, he set forth to implement a fitness philosophy that tailors to everyone. At Falcon Blue Fitness we believe that strength is not measured by brute strength and physicality. But by perseverance instead. Lets face it. We've faced far heavier burdens in life than mere weights could ever offer. Our goal here is to not only give you the physique that you want, but the mental toughness to sustain it. Allow us to equip you with the tools needed to "Soar Into The Blue".

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