He has a new girlfriend on the Internet. Her name is Tatoeba.

I'll talk to Anna tomorrow.

Go now before it's too late.

There is a lot at stake.

May I open the box?


We must tell him about it.


He had lost all faith in his ability to succeed.

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What room in your house do you spend the most time in?

Children aren't allowed in this bar.

It's a great little car.


Faced with deciding to respond scientifically or emotionally, I'd prefer the latter.


I cannot accept an excuse like that.

It became clear that she'd told a lie.

Erwin will like me.

You've taught us a great deal.

This vacuum cleaner is noisy.

I use wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

Why won't anybody talk about this?


Many shark species are threatened with extinction.

I don't like looking foolish.

I don't know if Tuan still lives in Boston.

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Is that all you want to eat?

Does the soil suit vegetables?

The opposites yin and yang pursue each other through time.

Sharon and Maureen are always fighting.

Thierry speaks French better than any of the other students in his class.


Mt Fuji can be seen from here.

How many weeks are there in a month?

You never wanted children, did you?


We really didn't know anything.

Kazuhiro seldom goes out.

She usually uses nail scissors.


How was Rees's party?

Just let me do all the talking.

This is a question for Marsh.

I'm all thumbs in the kitchen.

Japan is the leader of the world's high-tech industry.


This is Murat's handiwork.

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Alcohol consumption is increasing every year.

Laurent has never been to Australia.

Zhanar Amantaevna tosses good ideas in organizing school holiday for our children.


Some people say that the Japanese are a race apart.


The workers are against the new plan.

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Are there any Japanese restaurants near here?

Seize this brigand! Prevent him from escaping!

I want to exchange this for a smaller size.


Thierry hesitated before answering.


He likes to build model planes.

I won't take up any more of your time.

Maybe I should quit.

Thalia's my favorite singer.

This is for your own safety.

What did you think it was?

He looked at me with consternation, saying that he must put a comma somewhere.

My watch needs to be repaired.

Can't I please just go?


Niall took cover.

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The immigrants dream of having a new, better life.

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I think you're a lot stronger than you know.

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Son wasn't sure if he liked the painting or not.

The town is badly signposted.

Alaska is a U.S. state.

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It's more fun than drinking coffee.

You guys are so immature.

He looked into the possibility of buying a house.


Your plan is terrible.

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The pitcher was Charlie.


Melanie has accidentally killed a fly.

What happened to Alvin could've happened to me.

Whatever makes you happy.


Something was happening.

Does this have anything to do with Tricia?

Kristen is working in his office.


Betty isn't as tall as Joseph is.

It's close to my house.

That's certainly possible.

No woman has ever done this before.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

Don't forget to add the tag "@change" to incorrect sentences.

This house is famous.


That is a strange accent.

Liz wore a Christmas sweater embroidered with reindeer.

Most people studying a foreign language will never be able to speak like a native speaker.

How long is too long?

"What languages do you know, Anita?" "C++, Java and a little PHP. What about you, Jwahar?" "French, Japanese and Hebrew."


Sedat is tense.

I'll go and give him a hand.

This is the first time I've ever run in order to catch the train.

Has Son told Lorraine that he doesn't really know how to speak French?

Malloy has a pretty good idea why Valeria isn't here now.

I lost my cat and job on the same day, and on top of it all, my wife announced that she was leaving me.

Ogai is his favorite author.

Do everything you can to be happy.

Did Shai say where he was?

Before Kay and Angela realized what was happening, their friendship had turned into love.

That is my favorite song!

If you're bored, I suggest you to go to the cinema.

Could you take me home?

A driver's job is not as easy as it looks.

I like climbing.

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Sho reached in her purse and pulled out her checkbook.

The bridge suddenly gave way.

That's what the government wants.

What's this got to do with them?

Do you have enough money to buy one?

I will give you a call as soon as the decision comes through.

Is the harmonica a present from his father?

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Lead us from falsehood to truth.


Have you seriously not heard of Christmas?

When are you going to get dinner ready?

What does PTA stand for?


You are right in a way.


You're completely mad.

We rewrote it.

Who paid you?

Whatever I say, he has a comeback ready. You can't get a word in edgewise.

The list keeps growing.

I can't take another day off.

What did he want?

What should I do about him?

You are level-headed.

Jane looks very happy.

Where does your wife work?

My friends betrayed me.

You've got to hurry.

Fear hath a hundred eyes.

Laurence says he doesn't know where Stewart bought her pearl necklace.


Dan didn't use a mobile.


Here, I'll confine this discussion to why many foreigners enjoy sumo.

A storm in a teacup.

New stamps will be issued next month.

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They sit in the kitchen and drink tea.

Illness prevented me from attending the party.

How do you usually spend your weekends?


He could not swim.

I heard him arguing with her.

I'm a tenth grader.

That cat is so cute.

I do not agree with you.

Kelvin is an excellent attorney.

Call me one of these days.

The rice crop is poor this year.

Nobody knows what will happen.

The artist's drawing was drawn with charcoal.

Are you sure you want us to burn these documents?

I wouldn't ever really do that where I live.

One day the stepmother had given the girl a frightful beating, and then threatened to kill her outright.

This cat is eating.

They urged him in vain to sell them his prosperous firm.


I've never heard Valentin say anything bad about Spy.

Those answers are incorrect.

As Season 2 started, Dima decided that he needed a new look, and - reaching into the pocket of his Armani - pulled out a pair of supercool shades.

Hey, wait up!

Moore wanted to die.

The team was complete.

Kamel has gone away.

I'd better get back to work now.

I may have to help him.

This soup needs a bit more salt.

Money cannot buy happiness.