You put far too much pepper in it.

What're you insinuating?

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I called Ted up.

I was surprised because he lifted me up with ease.

He spends all his time extolling her virtues.

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Everything was still.

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Anatoly is a real man.


They say that he was in the hospital at that time.

Why can't we do both.

Tell me everything about it.

I'm truly sorry for having offended you.

If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.


Why don't you just back off?


Tell us about your new book.

Is it possible that it's already eight o'clock?

My brother sends you his warm regards.

The enemy of true freedom is an excessive call for security.

It just slays me every time I see it.

I've already made the deal.

Very little is known about them.

Brendan is likely to pass the examination.

I think I'm pregnant! said the woman.

Pus has formed in the wound.

For one thing, he thinks she is stupid, for another, he doesn't like her.

How did we come here?

He knows how to teach languages.

He spoke of party unity.

Let's take a group picture.

The speech was greeted by loud cheers.

I'm scared of snakes.

You got off easy.

He has been barred from the club.

Over a 20 year period of time, Tycho Brahe made consistent observations which supported the heliocentric theory proposed earlier by Copernicus. These observations were made using only a compass and a sextant.

There is a pike in the pond.

Nobody will help you.

When things are hard or when you're sad, look up at the sky.

I have absolutely no clue.

Hopefully I won't get sick!

Belinda came downstairs in his pajamas.

What time does it start boarding?

It'll cost over a thousand yen.

Micheal says he was busy.

He listens to whatever you say.

I couldn't speak French.

How do you explain it?

They are spreading love with muddy hands.

If you eat unripe fruit, I'll tell you ten to one that you'll get sick.

Bart has arrived.

Good day, lords. In what way can I refine upon my adroitness in aural comprehension?

I wasn't fat when I was a kid.

She went to the osteopathic clinic because of a bad back ache.

She really enjoyed the pizza party at the neighbor's.

I'll run over there later, in my car.

There is a great demand for petrol.


Is there someplace around here that can fix a flat tire?


They stepped on board the airplane.

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And what's your problem?

Ask whether Russians have already flown in.

You should've seen her.

I'm very surprised to see you here.

Vaughn dances well.

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I ate three hot dogs.


The singer, who is from Okinawa, is very popular among young people.


Get him to help you.


Chuck tipped the barrel over.


I'm waiting for you here.


Did you pack your bathing suit?

How do you know them?

Give him a call.

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Let's do this another time.


These shoes are too small for me to put on.

I don't want Pilar to make the situation any worse than it already is.

Sarah sat down next to someone he didn't know.

After work, I'm going to exercise.

Number of Turkish sentences on Tatoeba exceeded 200,000.

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Terrance got some paint on his shoes.

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My father lived in Nagoya for over fifteen years.

Dennis is a good competitor.

Why are you grinning?

The decoration of the church is beautiful.

Gas was escaping from a crack in the pipe.

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I wasn't talking...


Margot is looking pretty good.

Jong can't do this.

Elsa isn't very good at French, is he?

I like Feijoada.

Whether he will be offered the scholarship or not is still in the air.

The police caught Ira red-handed, breaking into a house in our neighborhood.

Once you have formed a bad habit, you can't get rid of it easily.

The wounded man recovered in three days.

I'll see her tonight.

I had completely forgotten.

There are two hundred pages.

I expected this.

He flat-out lied.

Carole didn't need our help.

He looked back at us many times and walked away.


They're interesting.


Then you suddenly heard a loud bang, like a revolver being fired.

Love is the light of our lives. The marriage brings us the note.

After spending hours out in the cold winter wind, my skin got all chapped and dry.


All these devices are unreliable.

Tommy's grandmother is quite feeble and needs help with her daily activities.

Hiroyuki aimed his pistol at the target.

And it was very curious indeed to see the younger sister's eyes suffused with tears, and something fervently and deeply felt, breaking through the wilfulness of what she said, and striving with it painfully.

My mother said that with a smile.

Who will win Ohio?

I'd rather walk.

They gave us very little trouble.

He's confident and strong.

The dress in the window caught Andries's eye.

Roger left the farm when he was still very young.

Deborah's son shaves.

I went to a nude beach in France.

Lunch is usually eaten on the deck.

Lucius rushed past me.

In Esperanto, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs show their function within the sentence through their endings.

Jeannie didn't succeed.

We don't have long.

We just got her to go to sleep.

Christofer and Shahid shared an umbrella. However, it wasn't big enough and they both got wet.

The membership of the Boy Scout troop swelled.

They did warn you.

Mwa had a weird dream last night.


Because of him the music world was changed forever.

The police are after the murderer.

Never have I heard him complaining about his meals.


Shall I come to your office?


Have you been listening to what I've been saying?

Guido can't be that mean.

Because Lee was injured, the strength of the Stars has greatly diminished.

Clara seems quiet.

It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

I might be back by 2:30.

This homework is difficult for me.

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Jess is very low key about the whole thing.


Dori knows how to fix this, I think.

Gretchen ate the stew right out of the pot.

If you are not enjoying writing, why write at all?

Would that really be so bad?

Wendi left with his friends.

It's finally time to leave.

He'll be back by Monday morning at the latest.

Before we get started, I'd just like to say a few words about how important this job is.

This cake isn't that good.

Toufic didn't succeed, but it wasn't for want of trying.

I'm sure it's going to be just fine.

John drinks too much these days. We have to stop him from drinking any more.

Your days are numbered.


Jeremy stopped breathing.

Please don't do anything dangerous.

Vaughn isn't strong enough.

Did you tell Dana how good the movie was?

I don't like the look of that.

See how much more carefully made these are compared to those?

One of us could help her.

I spent all night working on this report.

They talked politics.

He doesn't know who he should ask.

Caution, the doors are now closing!

We'd like to know more about it.

I'm calling to report a lost wallet.

Can S. Jobs bring back the magic to Disney?

What movies are playing this week?

Neal and Nathan are still very busy.

There were many who couldn't recognize him in that disguise.

You can never catch Darren off guard.

Phillip can't swim yet.

I always thought that having a heart attack was the way nature told you to die.

I promised Anita.