His health is improving.

Paula isn't coming today.

The historical thesis can be summarized by saying that Darwinism has undergone three stages of evolution.

I have often observed how little young ladies are interested by books of a serious stamp, though written solely for their benefit. It amazes me, I confess; for, certainly, there can be nothing so advantageous to them as instruction.

I don't know what Maureen would do.

It was a nice party. You should have come, too.

Exactly, you must be him.

May I help myself?

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You just have to ask for it.

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I'm calm.


Juri didn't hesitate for a moment.

What do you want me to ask him?

We acted in good faith.


Why didn't you tell us you were hurt?

Carolyn witnessed the murder.

Allende is a woman's name and a last name.

When do you close?

Should we tell everybody or not?


I want him to stop.

Why does Clark hate Morris?

Why didn't you warn them?


She served me coffee.


After a while she began to play the piano again.

I read; you write.

You'd better take your umbrella, just in case it rains.

The teacher became a soldier.

Turning left you will find the bus stop.


I'm afraid I have some bad news.


This a very significant discovery.


The British would need strong leadership.

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You're very generous.

I wish Sabrina had stayed home.

I don't know much about this subject.

Will you be much longer?

Laurent helps Barton move the furniture.

She looks just like her mother.

I think it's about time I had a serious talk with Glynn.

Do you still not want to go?

He wore a very loud necktie.

The real taste of life is not found in great things, but in small ones.

He quarreled with his own self.

The train started before we got to the station.

Can you tell me about them?

Let's have a go at it.

Did Elaine say that?

He stood up in the room and looked around.

Deb's a night owl, but he's very sluggish in the morning.

Mats lives near the beach.

Can you tell me how much you paid for that?

Christopher is going to have to do it by himself.

Chai tea often contains cardamom.

Ueno is the station after next.

I don't actually work here.


I want some milk, but there isn't any in the refrigerator.

Please bring your own eating utensils.

Your room is down the hall.


That's 486-2435, area code 213.

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"What were you doing staring at her boobs?" "What are you talking about?"

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I just heard that Merril and Louiqa are going to get married.

The Tigers lost the game, which was a surprise to us.

I don't want to let him get the best of me!

Itzhak Rabin was the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for the year 1994.

How could Her Majesty be wrong..?

The stadium was overflowing with people.

I'll walk you back to your hotel.

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The girl opened her eyes, saw the bear, and fled to the window.


Tell me how to get back to the hotel.

Jim has braces.

I love coherence.

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Don't forget to turn off the light before you go to sleep.

You're going to be just fine.

Google "a native English is" in order to leave out the matches for "a native English speaker".

I don't eat.

Now let's not be greedy.

We chartered a bus.

Your timing's perfect.

He is the very person I was talking of.

There are many things that a man should never do after he gets married.


I was a fool to believe any of it.


Janet knows what we're talking about.

I'll tell you what happened to me.

Hand me the knife.

The man returned from his vacation full of beans.

Those dark clouds will probably bring rain.

He who has a mind to beat a dog will easily find a stick.

I have a new e-mail address.

My friends and I are going out today.

I'd like to have some time alone with Jin.

I'm ready now, Cynthia.

I swear that it is true, or may lightning strike me down.


She has broken with him.

Ginny and Shai watched John swim laps.

Moore set his alarm for 2:30.

Murat must've been very disappointed.

I don't even remember how it started.

I'd like to ask you a few questions about what you did last weekend.

We'll arrive within the hour.

They caught a bear alive.

What's your purpose in studying English?

This is a kind of love letter.

Stevan is not welcome in this house.

Marsh sat on the pier with his feet in the water.

I know that the Earth is not flat.

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Are you ready to play?

I haven't yet had an appointment with this accountant.

She went to the movies by herself.

Is Dimitris from Greece?

His idea doesn't make any sense at all.


His position enabled him to do so.

It's easy to err once you lose your cool.

I didn't sleep very well last night.

Jeffery made it clear that he didn't want to eat before the concert.

The man is loading the moving truck on his own.

The mistake hastened his retirement.

I've seen this kind of thing before.

I read at least a book a month.

What a big boy he is!

You arrived on time.

I will tell you the rest tomorrow.

The number of visible stars is very great.

Stop bugging me.

My boyfriend plans to save up and buy a sports car.

I postponed my date because I had to work late.

Who on earth is that?

You are being ridiculous today.


It is surprising that your wife should object.

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I'm an atheist.

I won't take those pills.

He's agreed to do the job.

We were driving down the road when we saw Presley.

I'm going to go home.

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Will you buy me some bread, please?

Emmet's theory appears repeatedly in these papers.

The record stands at 254,321 points.


This company allows its workers to work from home.

It's different for everyone.

Francis went to go call the police.

Don't forget to put it on your schedule.

Why don't you sing a song for everybody?

Did that hotel meet your expectations?

Are you interested in learning English?

Evan hit a home run with bases loaded.

Life today is much easier than in the past.

Water is the essence of life.

How do you say "Love" in Portuguese?

Maybe Amy thinks I'm dead.

The doctor told me to eat fewer high-calorie snacks.

The parents in this community have banded together to support their schools, with the end result being notably higher student test scores and graduation rates.

How many symphonies did Beethoven write?

Jeff was very beautiful when she was a teenager.

I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark place.

When did the barbarians first invade Rome?

I didn't go yesterday, so I have to go today.

She checked the mailbox.

I am not in the least worried about it.


I approve their plan.

It is cruel of them to make the boy work so hard.

This is awfully hilly terrain; I hope we don't screw up the transmission.

Do you swear you're telling me the truth?

Hughes realized something wasn't right.


That's not quite what I wanted.

I'm a libertarian.

Srinivasan and Kitty's life was never the same again once their baby was born.

Use it or lose it.

He doesn't have any strength left.

She's tired from overwork.

The hat was dirty around the top.

He adores going to the theater.

We take great pleasure in meeting all of you this evening.


She said it was important.