What is OmniOcean ?

All routes. All knowing. Always-on to support our customers. OmniOcean is a suite of advanced tools for visibility, information exchange, monitoring, and collaboration designed to elevate our customers’ efficiency on marine operations and schedule reliability. Our expertise in platform development, system integration and data analytics combines years of research on machine learning to create a one-stop solution for carriers to strengthen their competitiveness as well as service quality. Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every", OmniOcean aims to connect all ocean operators to a central platform and transform marine operations into a new digital era.

Information Exchange

Share the latest schedules on a central platform so that all carriers have the current information. Integrate schedules directly with your internal ERP system.

Network Improvement

Monitor vessels and ports for network optimization.

Monitor schedule changes as they happen for on-time service recovery.

Analyze performance based on current and historical vessel positions and schedules for measurement.

Operational Efficiency

Quickly identify exceptions and collaborate on solutions to improve operational efficiency and customer service.


Effectively collaborate and communicate to resolve exception incidents.

Combine the power of mobility to connect regional users for exception handling via OmniOcean Mobile Suite*.

Schedule Exchange

Exchange schedules among carriers and with customers using CargoSmart’s standard EDI format.

Exception Monitoring

Detect unexpected changes on schedule update and potential marine incidents.

Monitoring Dashboard

Visualize vessels’ current locations and vessel activities in port areas on a map. Examine and compare historical and upcoming schedule reli- ability by port pair, trade lane, and service.

Performance Dashboard

View analytics in the areas of schedule integrity, reliability, and terminal performance.

Mobile Solution

Schedule Enquiry

Vessel Tracking

Exception Alert Enquiry