Sugoi Asia Limited prides itself on its flexibility, speed, and sophistication.
Capitalizing on in-depth local knowledge.

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About us

Founded in 2014, Sugoi Asia Limited is a trading company incorporated in Hong Kong. The fundamental of the business relies in buying and selling both consumer and industrial goods utilizing its track record in order to help trade flows. Sugoi Asia Limited does this by providing inventory across our product range on a just-in-time basis.

Sugoi Asia Limited delights itself on its adaptability and velocity.

What We Do

Sugoi Asia Limited focuses on a wide range of industrial and consumer goods.

The firm's flexibility means it considers each trade partnership on a case by case basis and, as such, focuses on a wide-range of products. The areas of Sugoi Asia Limited focus include (but are not limited to):


Sugoi Asia Limited connects the industrials and consumers of textiles such as clothing and other textile products – both natural and synthetic.


The company has a strong experience of the construction industry. Activities such as building materials, and materials handling equipment.


Strategic and high profile high quality Commodities and Raw Materials available on a global, regional, and / or local basis. Sugoi Asia Limited provide industrial metals, minerals and alloys, Ferro alloys and ores, refractory and abrasive minerals and powder and briquetted alloys.

Industrial & Technology

Sugoi Asia Limited has an important notoriety in the trade of industrial goods. A large portfolio, connecting producers and buyers of the electrical trade.

From personal devices – to industrial electrical components including networking equipment, mobile communications, terrestrial and wireless technologies, Data Storage


Sugoi Asia Limited

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