Be with God and be a lord. (Obey God to be a king)

I shouldn't have put my laptop so close to the edge of the table.

What kind of books do you like?

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Ginny's been going through a rough patch lately.

Siegurd speaks English with a French accent.

We need to get him some help.

She watched the children going back to school.

Where was he born?

Maria wants to buy herself a new washing machine.

Try to put yourself in his shoes.

Do you like mine?

The company went bust, owing millions of dollars in unpaid wages and unfilled orders.

What if it was just a tiff between two friends?

He has one foot in the grave.

By degrees the friendship between him and her grew into love.

Oscar was afraid to show his father his report card.

Norman is just trying to be helpful.

It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.

I have been more than once intoxicated, my passions have always bordered on extravagance: I am not ashamed to confess it; for I have learned, by my own experience, that all extraordinary men, who have accomplished great and astonishing actions, have ever been decried by the world as drunken or insane.

I predicted Ram would lose.

I thought they were all Canadians.

Drop dead!

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The instinct for survival is inherent in every living thing.

I couldn't protect her.

I've never trusted Sean and I doubt I ever will.

You know that I love you so much, don't you?

Whoever made that last comment, please leave now.

It took about five minutes to get to my uncle's house from the station.

My father likes pizza very much.

It's been several years since I've been camping.

I think I'm here to stay.

I spent three years in Boston.

Audrey carved a pipe for Juliet, but she doesn't smoke.


You must go home at once.

What company do you work for?

Get out of my room, Rodger!

Don't fight me on this.

Shut up and dig!

I thought he was honest.

The chambermaid will bring you some soap.


You have to begin as soon as possible.

Once you break the seal, you can't return the tape.

From now on, they can do whatever they like.

He is content with the simple life.

You really have a passion for food.

I'd like you to meet my sister, Mark.

This is my third marriage.

Haven't I told you never to call me here?

Men like lovely women.


How fascinating!

You can stay with us for the time being.

They said they would not fight.

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Teach me how it's done.

He sat right in front of me.

Betty asked me to say hello to you.

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Would you like to go for a drink or something to eat?

Please say hello to your wife for me.

I don't mind if you leave.

Did he stay very long?

Panos likes that idea.

No living thing could live without air.

What other options do we have?

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You want to come with me to the concert?

They've hired some new workers.

Many moons orbit around Saturn.

I think we'll have to help Dominick.

Please talk to me.


Is there anything we should be looking for?


Where did you pinch them?

I'm not sure I want to be doing this.

Takeuchi and Mickey are probably on vacation.

That massage felt great.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus.


I've canceled the fundraiser.

Amy is screaming.

The merchant bribed the politician.

You are always doubting my word.

They're going to hang him.


Please give me a smile.

He said he had bought that book there the day before.

I didn't get a second chance.

Let me know when you want to get underway again.

Our eyes take time to adjust to the dark.

The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.

He didn't spare time on his studies.

Be careful, OK?

I like it when you talk dirty to me!

I hesitated about which road to take.

Nelken is learning to dance the tango.

You should've phoned me.

Mikey may be a traitor.


My belief is that he will succeed.

Let's watch a horror movie.

I did it without you.

I don't like very long holidays.

He is known to everybody.


Sally grew up in a communist country.

Without the key, she could not have entered the room.

Give Rupert a chance.

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I told her all about you.

Kate says he plans to be in Boston next weekend.

This doesn't bode well at all.

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Long skirts are in fashion.

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Why don't you give me what I want?

If you won't free yourself from this sadness soon, it will poison your whole life.

They usually shear sheep in spring.


The economist instinctively anticipated the current depression.

You will have to incubate the eggs artificially.

Refer to my previous article.


"How many push-ups can you do, Juan?" "I used to be able to do a hundred easily, but I wonder how many I can do now. Maybe 50 or so?"

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I am learning Chinese.

Probably, you've mistaken Joan for her sister.

Payment is required in advance.

You never liked her.

Can I call you back within twenty minutes?

We need to put a stop to this abuse.

The architect achieved worldwide fame.

You can hardly expect me to help you.

It was wonderful, wasn't it?

In Japan, I often ate okonomiyaki.

The town restored this old historic building.

Matthias didn't have the nerve to show up.

I figured Maarten was sleeping.


When do I get there?

I'm going to go over there and talk to Herve.

I put the money into the safe.

I think we lost him.

I told you to leave him alone.

Sadako Sasaki died on October 25, 1955.

The answers for the practice problems are at the end of the book.

I thought John was fantastic.

He evicted the existing tenants by taking them to court for non-payment of back rent.


Under normal circumstances, I'd agree to do that.

It wasn't something anybody expected.

She assembled the motor.


Christian doesn't know how to tie his shoes.


I wanted to rescue you.

Every man cannot be happy.

Rain is unlikely.


Silence prevailed along the funeral route.


It is sad that he has been sick for such a long time.

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We should've brought a flashlight.

It's not easy, but we're going to do it anyway.

Pilar walked towards his car.

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Why did you let them go?

You're upset.

She enjoyed the movie.

The number of students who come late to class has lately been increasing.

He was as great a poet as ever lived.

I don't particularly like Sue.

Marco speaks Irish English.

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They're hard to make.

Charleen locked himself in his bedroom and turned off the light.

How can you break the news to her?

I wouldn't want to get in Morgan's way.

This is not what was asked.

What time does the train get in?

I sat at the front in order to hear the lecture clearly.

Do you think that foreplay is an important part of sex?

I can't lend you money, because I don't have any myself.

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Actually, I'm not suggesting anything.

Caroline saw something in the woods that scared him.

How nice to see you again, Victor.


Do you want some pancakes?

This is all I want.

I arrived here yesterday.

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There's a rock on the floor.