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We are football fans who are trying to help others with informations about the game between Leicester and Swansea. We're gathering informations about this game like statistics, news about the 2 teams, livescores and live commentary for those who are not able to watch this game online and also livestreaming links from other websites.

Where to watch the game live?

  • Sky Sports TV

    We've found some websites that broadcast this event on Sky Sports. Click here for watching Leicester - Swansea on Sky Sports!

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    Fox Sports is broadcasting this event live online in: Australia, Italy and Netherlands. Click here to watch Leicester - Swansea on FOX Sports TV!

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Our visitors are sending us links with websites that stream this English Premier League match between Leicester & Swansea. Below you can find 3 links to watch this game on the internet. Our website doesn't have any connection to the broadcaster of this event and we advise you not to click on the banners that sometimes appear on the video player. You can also find a list with the TV channels that broadcast this event live, 7732538232

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    Link #1 (best quality)

    You can watch Leicester - Swansea live stream online if you are click (703) 437-8557 This website is streaming the event on the best video quality you can find on the internet!

  • antiasthmatic


    Watch this game for free on your PC, Laptop or Iphone/Android by clicking 7608891715. Our visitors rated this source as being very good. This is a medium video quality source!

  • Livestreaming source for Swansea

    Link #3

    If the following 2 links don't work you can try this one. The video doesn't have the best quality but if you are a fan of Leicester and you can't find another source, (920) 847-6854

This game is also broadcasted by bet365!

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