ParkAide, Convenience simplified.

Does parking drive you up the wall? Hate wasting time?

ParkAide is the latest technology in ticketless parking that combines the convenience of a smartphone application and removes all parking problems. ParkAide has many features that range from Park and Pay, Book-A-Bay, Find My Car, Find A Spot, SOS button and many more. ParkAide has revolutionized the parking world and provides all its users with a time efficient, cost-effective service that will serve to cut all hassle out of parking. It truly is, convenience simplified.

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Convenience Simplified

ParkAide Mobile has been designed to give you - the parker - a total parking experience. It combines the convenience of a 21st Century smartphone application and the task of finding parking spaces to create a way for people to park, pay and keep track of their parking expenses anytime, anywhere.



The ParkAide Mobile system uses a fully electronic system that is completely eco-friendly so that drivers can enjoy the full parking experience with nothing to lose. In short, no more queues, no more tickets and no more hassle.

Book A Bay


In the ParkAide Mobile App, there will be a list of the available car parks that offer this service. After choosing which car park you want to go to and determining the duration of your stay, payment can be made through a token method and you can park your car in one of the reserved bays for the allocated time.

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Customer First

Putting our clientele at the forefront of our thoughts.

SOS. If you feel you are in danger in any way in the parking lot, just access the ParkAide Mobile App and give your phone a shake and a distress message will be sent to the people you have set as your emergency contacts.

Find a Spot. Using your phone’s geo-location, the ParkAide Mobile App will detect the nearest car park available to you and set a course for you to get there.

Find My Car. In the event you forget where your vehicle was parked, do not despair. ParkAide Mobile will assist you in locating your vehicle.

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Easy Payment

No more queue’s, no more tickets, no more worries.

Park and Pay. Attractive on-going discounts and promotions by participating merchants and building owners will be available for you to download and they can be bought through the ParkAide Mobile App.

Secure. All personal details submitted to ParkAide Mobile are protected under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Your personal data will not be divulged to any third party.

Payment Methods. For your convenience, payments can be made through credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers (Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, RHB Now, PBeBank, etc.)

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More Convenience

Get more than you asked for.

Find Merchant Rewards. Keep up with the latest and hottest promotions and offers from your favourite merchants with the ParkAide Mobile App.

Find Parking Specials. Download the various vouchers from participating parking operator using the ParkAide Mobile App’s user-friendly token system to experience great deals and promotions.

Book-a-Bay. For your convenience and that of other drivers, all parking reservations are to be made one hour before parking and if your car is parked there for more than the allocated time, your tokens will be deducted accordingly as you exit the car park.

Monthly Season Pass. Parkers can opt to replace their existing pass cards with the use of the ParkAide Mobile App to enter or exit participating car parks. Related payments can be made through the App. There will also be special promotions and deals during the festive seasons that parkers can purchase. Availability is limited, so it will be on a ‘first-come, first-served’ (FCFS) basis.

ParkAide is the ultimate parking experience. It combines the convenience of a smartphone application and the task of finding parking spaces to create parking expenses everywhere and at any time.
Yes. There is a simple registration process that is guided by the application.
All personal information is protected by the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with others.
The token system is basically the payment method for the parking lot. When tokens are purchased at a minimum of RM20 which would equal to 2000 tokens, those tokens can be used in the Book-A-Bay feature of the application or to buy the promotions and other benefits offered by the application. The tokens are non- transferable to other mobile devices and are non-refundable.
In the application, there will be a list of the available car parks that offer the service. After choosing which car park you want to go to and the duration of your stay, payment will be made through the token method and you can park your car in one of the bays for the allocated time. If you go over the booking time, then you will charged accordingly upon leaving.
The stolen phone can be reported to the administrators and the account will be temporarily disabled. When the individual has a new phone or new phone number, all they have to do is inform the administrators through the website and the account will be reactivated.

Scan to Park

Mobile Apps

Our fully automated boomgates are built to withstand severe weather conditions and will open when parkers scan the QR (quick response) code located on the boomgate. The parker’s smartphone has to have Internet connection to successfully scan the aforementioned QR code.

Boom Gate

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About Us

The ParkAide Mobile team is the forerunner of parking innovation and has envisioned a fully automated and wireless parking system that will completely revolutionise the parking experience. This team of dedicated professionals has created a system that will work with limited need for human attention and interaction.



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