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Reviewing the Home Security Brands You Trust

Reliable security

Hopefully you never need your home security system, but knowing your house is safer with one offers more peace of mind.

Keep your family safer

Homes with security systems get broken into less often. It’s a simple fact. And for only a few dollars a month, you can keep your family and house safe with a reliable alarm system.

Our Latest Home Security Advice

Are Home Security Cameras Legal in My State?

*Editor's note: nothing in this article is to be used as legal advice. This is a suggestion based on our own research. Please consult with your lawyer when making decisions about the legality of filming on your property* First off, good for you for asking this...

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While there are several ways to keep your home safe, one of the easiest ways to do so is to set up a reliable home security system. But how do you know that these alarm systems keep your house safer? Below are some statistics that prove it's safer to have a security...

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Are Dogs Good For Home Security?

A recent poll found that one of the top deterrents of home break-ins is thanks to our furry canine friends. A survey of convicted burglars found that dogs are one of the top reasons they wouldn't break into the home. While most house dogs are probably pretty easy to...

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