I'm just as sentimental as the next person. I just don't show it.

How about making us some sandwiches?

It's the first time I've heard that.

That's one question I haven't been able to answer.

I've sent them home.

Do I look desperate to you?

You can omit the last chapter of the book.


I guess Louis missed me.

I think this is good for us.

You noisy children will be chucked off by the driver.

I think Kurt drank out of my glass by mistake.

I'm through with you.

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G-Dragon is my future husband. He may not know it yet, but it's set in stone.

I think that's better.

Judith's mom loves the dog more than her.

I'm glad you agreed to see me.

Everybody could not help laughing at his joke.

Everything's running like clockwork.

Hello, what's your name?

I've said what I had to say.

Tell Myrick that I'm not here.

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What are they doing out here?

We met her brother at the shop by chance.

He walked home.

What fools they are!

He's in prison.


We're coming inside.

They quarreled among themselves.

What is the Smithsonian Institution?


A glass of wine in the evening helps me to unwind after a busy day.

I remember reading this novel before.

I know you've spent the last three years in prison.


We shot Elliot.

But for your help, I could not have done it.

Sanjay waved goodbye to his friend.


I don't know if it will rain tomorrow or not.


They were sure they could do it again.


We're being paid by the hour.

Swamy never told me who his father was.

The stars are shining brightly tonight.

Please get out of the way so this lady can get through.

Everything is so expensive.

I'm skimming his report right now.

Metin slit open the envelope.

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The climate here does not agree with me.


I must report this to her.

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I'll always be there for Oskar.


Alain saw Vice in the distance.

I cannot calculate this. I am not an engineer.

I'd like to do a feasibility check.

You really like comic books, don't you?

Naoto had no options left.

Yesterday, I met one of my former teachers.

Born in a rich family, he would have studied in England.


He had been working on his novel for six months when we visited him.

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What movie did Stanley want to see?

Jacobson reached for his weapon.

I suppose you want to live in Boston with Markus.

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When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

You are fighting greater forces!

Life is one big circus.

This is Marlena's favorite expression.

Horst pleaded no contest to two counts of drunken driving.

You must not insist on going out alone so late at night.

The baby is sleeping in the cradle.

The more one owns, the more one wants.

Put it up a notch.

Don't you ever touch me again.

Elliott never read the book that Matt gave him.

Why is Meeks even here?

The snake coils itself up.


We'll explain.

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Moore has obviously been dead for a while.


He got a new CD player yesterday.

We may need some help.

Butler and Rodent don't need a chaperone.

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I'll meet them at six.

I'm watching the game on TV.

Pierette stared at Sjaak in surprise.


Trey and Tommy helped each other with their homework.


I saw Those's daughter last week.

Are you going to give this to them?

Irvin smiled hopefully.

Physics doesn't interest me at all.

They never did anything.


We keep three dogs and a cat.

It was not till yesterday that I knew the fact.

After careful thought, I elected to stay at home.

A crowd was gathering around him.

His work finished, he left for home.

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You complain compulsively.

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This country needs a new president.


This report confirms his betrayal.

I want her off this ship.

You look good dressed like this.

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Who else knew about her?


I made up with her.

Please get in touch with me when you are here.

Roberto laughed softly.

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Dori needed help with the plumbing.

The actress is learning her part.

Ok, everyone has left to go file a patent!

Get in the truck.

Marcia was seated at a table by the sidewalk.


The problem isn't Annie.

Another problem has developed.

I hate the sun.

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I think you didn't do it.

It is no use going to school if you are not going to study.

I must remember to post the letter.

They survived, even though the building was destroyed.

Dan didn't even offer to help Linda.

Miracles are called miracles because they don't happen!

It stands to reason that he cannot work as hard as he used to after a long illness.

If you don't find an attorney we will order a public defender for you.

I feel like I'm ready for that.

It doesn't look quite right.

We have little money available for the research.

Neil came out to his parents when he was 24.

Don't ever leave me again.


The thought makes me shudder.

I'll be seeing you sometime next week.

He often watches TV.

She's smart and hardworking.

I've got cookies.

Be as specific as possible.

Don't use another language!

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I can't go tomorrow.


I missed my favourite series.

What do you mean I'm too old for the job?

There are five pencils here.

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He works in the morning.


We're in the middle of negotiations.

Kathryn doesn't even try to help Venkata.

Are you threatening me?

I forbid you to smoke.

I know that people also speak Interlingua in the Blue Mango Country.

I said let him go.

How did they find out about you?

Kinch promised he wouldn't tell Bea.

I haven't written anything for months.

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Morgan is not an anti-Semite!

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Maybe you should tell Cyrus that.

I know it was a stupid thing to do.

No hobby is as cheap as reading, nor provides such long lasting enjoyment.

She had a narrow escape when her car skidded off the road into a lake.

Supper is served at nine-thirty.


Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Vickie alerted the authorities.

It was told me under pledge of secrecy.

We don't exclude the possibility of starting a company someday, but that is if and only if we have an innovative, coherent and ethical business model.

I can't believe you would say something like that!


Mohammad isn't very resourceful, is he?

He is preoccupied with something else.

If you travel to the US, you'll learn spoken English.

I'm just going to leave it up to him to figure out how to clean up this mess.

The dogs scared us.


I don't really understand what just happened.