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Ben Shneiderman
The huge success of personal computing technologies has brought astonishing benefits to individuals, families, communities, businesses, and government, transforming human life, largely for the better. These democratizing transformations happened because a small group of researchers saw the opportunities to convert sophisticated computational tools into appealing personal devices offering valued services by way of easy-to-use interfaces...

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2678933785Reasoning with Probabilistic and Deterministic Graphical Models, 2nd Edition
Rina Dechter
Graphical models (e.g., Bayesian and constraint networks, influence diagrams, and Markov decision processes) have become a central paradigm for knowledge representation and reasoning in both artificial intelligence and computer science in general. These models are used to perform many reasoning tasks, such as scheduling, planning and learning, diagnosis and prediction, design, hardware and software verification, and bioinformatics...

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765-794-3368Learning and Decision-Making from Rank Data
Lirong Xia
The ubiquitous challenge of learning and decision-making from rank data arises in situations where intelligent systems collect preference and behavior data from humans, learn from the data, and then use the data to help humans make efficient, effective, and timely decisions...

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Special and General Relativity
Rainer Dick
This book provides a concise introduction to both the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. The format is chosen to provide the basis for a single semester course which can take the students all the way from the foundations of special relativity to the core results of general relativity: the Einstein equation and the equations of motion for particles and light in curved spacetime...


Structure-Property Relationships under Extreme Dynamic Environments
Cyril L. Williams
The inelastic response and residual mechanical properties acquired from most shock compressed solids are quite different from those acquired from quasi-static or moderate strain rates. For instance, the residual hardness of many shock compressed metals has been found to be considerably lower than those loaded under quasi-static conditions to the same maximum stress...


Making Databases Work
Michael L. Brodie
This book celebrates Michael Stonebraker's accomplishments that led to his 2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award "for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems."

The book describes, for the broad computing community, the unique nature, significance, and impact of Mike's achievements in advancing modern database systems over more than forty years...


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W.R. Matson
Since the earliest days of human existence, the clash of thunder and trembling of the hills has struck fear into the hearts of seasoned warriors and tribal villagers alike. Great gods, demi-gods, and heroes were created to explain the awesome, mysterious, and incomprehensibly powerful forces of Nature in a feeble attempt to make sense of the world around them...

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Michael Dean, Karobi Moitra
Scientists are deciphering the biology of the tumor cell at a level of detail that would have been hard to imagine just a decade or so ago. The development of high-throughput DNA sequencing and genomics technologies have allowed an understanding of the development, growth, survival, and spread of cancer cells in the body...

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The Datacenter as a Computer, Third Edition
Luiz Andre Barroso, Urs Holzle, Parthasarathy Ranganathan
This book describes warehouse-scale computers (WSCs), the computing platforms that power cloud computing and all the great web services we use every day. It discusses how these new systems treat the datacenter itself as one massive computer designed at warehouse scale, with hardware and software working in concert to deliver good levels of internet service performance...

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A Practical Introduction to Beam Physics and Particle Accelerators, Second Edition
Santiago Bernal
This book provides a brief exposition of the principles of beam physics and particle accelerators with an emphasis on numerical examples employing readily available computer tools. However, it avoids detailed derivations, instead inviting the reader to use general high-end languages such as Mathcad and Matlab, as well as specialized particle accelerator codes (e...


Physiology and Pathophysiology of Digestion
D. Neil Granger, Peter R. Kvietys, James D. Morris
This collaboration of two physiologists and a gastroenterologist provides medical and graduate students, medical and surgical residents, and subspecialty fellows a comprehensive summary of digestive system physiology and addresses the pathophysiological processes that underliesome GI diseases...

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Twin-Win Research, Second Edition
Ben Shneiderman
The thrill of discovery and the excitement of innovation mean that research is often immensely satisfying. But beyond the personal satisfaction, the goal of research is to improve the lives of people everywhere by driving revolutionary advances in healthcare, education, business, and government...

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The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces, Volume 2
Sharon Oviatt, Bjoern Schuller, Philip R. Cohen, Daniel Sonntag, Gerasimos Potamianos
The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces provides the first authoritative resource on what has become the dominant paradigm for new computer interfaces: user input involving new media (speech, multi-touch, hand and body gestures, facial expressions, writing) embedded in multimodal-multisensor interfaces that often include biosignals...

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(919) 733-5002Declarative Logic Programming
Michael Kifer, Yanhong Annie Liu
Logic Programming (LP) is at the nexus of knowledge representation, AI, mathematical logic, databases, and programming languages. It allows programming to be more declarative, by specifying "what" to do instead of "how" to do it. This field is fascinating and intellectually stimulating due to the fundamental interplay among theory, systems, and applications brought about by logic...

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302-358-8498Essential Engineering Thermodynamics
Yumin Zhang
Engineering Thermodynamics is a core course for students majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Before taking this course, students usually have learned Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics, and they are used to solving problems with calculus and differential equations...