I don't want to go to the party if Bart is going to be there.

I don't know how many are going to endure this situation.

I truly doubt it.

I just want to be left alone.


I'm going to need more money.


This paper does not absorb ink.


I talked a little to Aki about clothes.

Why is it that she looks so sad?

When it comes to learning English words by heart, nobody can beat him.

A group of youths attacked the old man.

Amarth met with a traffic accident.


He solved the problem with ease.

I ate lunch in a hurry.

I can't tell you how much your support means to us.

I didn't try to stop them.

You should talk to Miek about it.

We'd better leave her alone.

Thierry almost always falls to sleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

Cindy wasn't going to do anything to you.

I have no more money in my wallet.

Many New Yorkers love their professional sporting teams.

These pictures are amazing.

Jayesh likes the sciences.

Why worry about it?

How does one eat this?

Mann knows what's on the schedule.

Like it or not, you have to go.

We cross the railroad tracks every morning.


I'd like to call my family.

Isn't there anything we can do to help Son?

This car belongs to them.


They kissed under the moonlight.

There was nothing to eat.

It's not possible to wait.


The secret was locked away for aeons.

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Come back here, you coward!

I was going to buy a new table, but my husband fixed the broken leg.

Room with a double-bed.

How much longer are you planning to stay in Boston?

He is afraid of being cheated.

Saul was insecure.

Do you really like your car?

It's really pretty.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.


Ranjit is all mine.

My parents are in Australia.

You seem a little tense.

Who do you think goes there?

Suddenly, it looks bigger.

Lin was sitting on the edge of the desk playing his ukulele.

She was playing the piano at that time.

I don't have the foggiest idea.

I tried to resuscitate Naren.

Dan had been in and out of jail for years.

Many had spent years in British factories.

Tollefsen always gives 100 percent in whatever he does.

I got my hair cut.


Kerri is going to kill us.


We do have other choices.


Even smart people sometimes do stupid things.


Did you buy anything for Graham?

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I'm getting pretty sleepy.


I swam.

Does this ring a bell?

A person's soul is immortal.


What can we do to help you?


Are you still afraid of spiders?

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I'll see you later.

He asked for money.

Everything is tough.

Call me up at seven in the morning.

I'm honored to work with them.


It's my younger brother's.

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Let's go to the cafe where they serve hookahs.

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There are sentences which everybody knows.


The children are happy.

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Did anybody leave me a message?

Jupiter is the only planet in the Solar System whose common center of gravity with the Sun lies outside the Sun itself.

Ice cream cones are made of wafer.

I liked them all.

Mitch's wife just died.

I plan on living in the city.

Did you know them personally?

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Svante was lying on the pier getting a suntan.

I don't like to be hugged.

Gregg drove the car.

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I met him backstage.


You told me you knew how to do it.

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You're from Australia, right?

There is a great contrast between city life and country life.

Lui found my contact lens.

Can we rest here a second?

He risked his life to carry out his duty and inspired police officers everywhere.

I expected a big crowd.

We're kidding.

Don't pressure them.

I swim almost every day in the summer.


I can't comprehend it.

You're ruining my whole plan.

Best before 01/09/2010.

I let her win.

Lynn is a citizen of the United States.

Izumi wasn't completely happy with the settlement.

Is this what Lisa wanted?


That's a pretty impressive list.


I figured Spencer would be here.

Now that's an achievement.

Denis was wearing John's pajamas.

Cigarettes are pacifiers for adults.

Should I take the bus?

This is my red pencil.

I want to make you smile.

We have our hands full right now.

What's your den mother's name?

I'll have a talk with him.

John said that he had met this man at the conference.

Did you read this morning's newspaper?

I used to drink beer, but I don't anymore.

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Take this medicine after each meal.


Here are some pictures.

I'd like to propose a toast.

I called you three or four times, but you never answered your phone.

I like the green colour.

Jerome bought a camera at a bargain sale.

You have to protect your family.

I rode a unicycle today.

The closing ceremony of the Olympics was wonderful.

Have you been eating enough?

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Natraj was unfriendly.


Vince's directions had us puzzled.

Randy had a quick answer.

Maria wasn't looking where he was going.


The lesson being over, children ran out into the hall.


Tell her that I am washing the car.

Mwa always asks the same three questions.

Lou started talking with Old.

We should ban advertising aimed towards children.

I'll give you as much time as you want.

He rejected our offer.

I don't really want to eat Chinese food tonight.

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It was this hospital that I visited last month.


It won't do you much good.

I'm actually having fun tonight.

Let me show you a picture of my wife.

Have you seen them today?

Traveling by ship gives us great pleasure.

What else is there to do?

We need a new director to unify our company.


Tell me how you feel about her.

I have been busy for two days.

How was the math test?

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Miles hopped in the backseat.

How many people are in your party?

Suddenly all the lights went out.

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We'll have to hurry.

She is not as beautiful as her older sister.

Can I rent rackets?


My mother always gets up earlier in the morning.